Did Someone Say Chimi?


Chimichurri [chim-ee-choo r-ee]


Did someone say shimmy? As much as we love dancing around here, it’s Chimichurri, pronounced [chim-ee-choo r-ee] also known as Chimi for short. And since we know you’re now wondering, we do shimmy while we make our Chimi. We love to have fun around here!


But let’s get back to the matter at hand, how did this funky fun to say name come to be? This is a story that’s up for debate as there are a number of tales all taking place in Argentina as early as the 19th century. Some credit an Irish soldier, Jimmy McCurry, in preparing the first sauce, others an English beef importer, who said “Give Me the Curry” and in another version the Basque settlers are credited and the name of the sauce comes from tmitixurri loosely translating to a mix of several ingredients in no particular order. In all accounts the marinade and sauce are a blend of parsley & garlic traditionally used for meats, poultry, fish, vegetables & more.


Despite the mystery behind chimichurri’s initial origins, one thing we are sure of at Mesa Fresca is that our Chimichurri is Always Fresh, Always Authentic. We source our ingredients as local as possible, while taking your palette on a culinary journey to South America.